Monday, March 8, 2010

Hot Pride 2010

Not only were the boyz on the floats at Gay Pride in Cape Town sizzling hot, but the blistering sun beat down on us as we marched from the Gay Village area into the city and back again.

And the party continued until the early hours the next morning.

In the photos are from top the New Beefcakes Burger Bar who promise all that you see on their float with every hot, the Lesbians in Cape Town who were out in force for the march, the hot ladz on the Crew bar float and below, Llewellyn (centre) representing our Durban View Gay Guesthouse (east coast city.. visiting Cape Town for Pride) and other Guests at the Decks Guesthouse in Cape Town and in the bottom photo one of the hot boyz from the Bronx bar gets my blood all heated up as we pass the Houses of Parliament bearing the Gay flag on the march.

Gay Durban Hot Bodz Gay Johannesburg

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